The Benefits of Choosing Professional Whitening Over At-Home Products

Nowadays, having a white smile is just a matter of knowing the right products to use. With so many options available, both over the counter and in office, it’s nice to know you have choices. If you want a whiter smile, Dr. Abrahams can help you obtain the look you want in just one appointment. While at-home options can really enhance your smile, you can’t beat the benefits of having your teeth whitened in our office.

Professional Strength Products

The products we use in our office are significantly stronger than the ones available from the drugstore. This means that you get a whiter smile faster. Many drugstore whitening kits only have about three percent peroxide, while professional products can have up to 35 percent. In just one visit, your teeth can be ten times whiter than before.

Thorough Whitening

Over the counter products are not custom made to fit your teeth, but often come in a one size fits all package and strength. At our office, we design the process to fit your smile and your goals. Whitening gel is applied evenly to each individual tooth to ensure that the entire smile looks the same.


In office whitening products are virtually painless and more comfortable than those you can buy at the store. Many report tooth sensitivity or pain while using these products because the whitening agent touches the gums or lips because the trays don’t fit exactly right.

Choose Your Shade

When you choose to have your teeth whitening done at Dental Implants Miami Beach, you can virtually choose the shade you want your teeth to be. While it’s hard to have control over products you buy at the store, we provide you with the ability to make decisions about the way your smile ultimately looks.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with a prosthodontist to get your teeth whitened. We are prepared to help you start your journey to a healthier, whiter smile.


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