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Halitosis Treatment for Chronic Bad Breath and Periodontal Disease

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Bad Breath Might be a Symptom of Periodontal Disease

Everyone experiences halitosis (bad breath) at some point in their life. It can be from smelly foods, dry mouth or morning breath. However, if you are experiencing chronic halitosis, there may be a more serious condition at fault—periodontal disease. This is a caused by gum disease and tooth decay where bacteria thrives in spaces between the gums and in cavities. These bacteria cause recurring bad breath even after brushing or using mouthwash. Dr. Howard Abrahams understands that this can be embarrassing situation and offers halitosis treatment.

Halitosis Miami Beach, FL

“Sometimes you have some gum issues that you don’t realize and there could be bacteria and tartar underneath the gums”
Doctor Howard Abrahams

What is Causing Your Bad Breath?

Food particles

A common cause of bad breath, strong smelling foods can linger on your tongue. Simply brushing and flossing or using a mouthwash will often solve this cause.

Dry mouth

Mouth breathing while sleeping, certain medications and smoking can result in saliva not washing away bacteria, leading to bad breath. Daily smoking can result in chronic bad breath too.

Medical concerns

Viruses, illness and infection when they involve the sinuses, nasal passageway and throat can all cause bad breath. This should clear up once the sickness has run its course.

Periodontal disease

Tooth decay and gum disease are often to blame for chronic bad breath. The only way to treat this is by seeing your dental specialist for treatment.

Seeking Treatment for Periodontal Disease and Halitosis Can Save Your Smile

Halitosis Miami Beach, FL
What is Periodontal Disease

If periodontal disease has been determined to be the cause of your bad breath, you should seek treatment right away. Untreated periodontal disease can lead to many other problems, including gum recession, jaw bone loss and even tooth loss. We offer several different treatments for periodontal disease to treat your oral health and freshen your breath.

We Offer Services to Treat Disease and Freshen Breath

Scaling and root planing

Scaling and Root Planing
A deep cleaning that goes below the gum line to remove tartar build up and bacteria that live where your toothbrush and floss can’t reach.


We use our dental laser to gently remove infected gum tissue that is harboring damaging bacteria and plaque buildup.

Gum grafting

Gum Grafting
If you have lost gum tissue or too much tissue is infected due to periodontal disease, you may need a graft to restore your gum line. Dr. Abrahams can restore your gums to a healthy level with gum grafting techniques.

Periodontal maintenance

After receiving treatment for periodontal disease, you will need to come in for regular cleanings to ensure your gums and teeth stay healthy and free of disease.

Keep Your Breath Free of Odor

After your periodontal cleanings and treatments, you can rest easy knowing your oral health is improved and your breath fresher. Dr. Abrahams uses state-of-the-art technology and 15 years of dental experience to bring you the results you expect. We believe in patient integrity and will let you know if your bad breath is caused by periodontal disease…or just lunch! You will always get the treatment you actually need, nothing more and nothing less.

Halitosis Miami Beach, FL

If bad breath is causing you embarrassment, contact our office today for a periodontal screening!

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