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When searching for your new dental home, you want a practice that has experience and offers everything you need under one roof. Dr. Howard Abrahams would like to welcome you to our state-of-the-art office where you can receive exceptional care for nearly all your dental needs. We have a wide range of comprehensive services from dental cleanings and dental implants to TMJ care and even sedation dentistry.

Our Additional Services

Sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Miami Beach FL
Dr. Abrahams offers advanced sedation dentistry options to make your dental visits relaxing and nearly pain-free. We offer local anesthetic, oral sedation, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide.


Gingivectomy Miami Beach FL
If you have excess gum tissue or suffer from periodontal disease and have infected gums, Dr. Abrahams can gently remove gum tissue to improve your smile and give you a healthy mouth.

Scaling and root planing

Scaling and Root Planing Miami Beach FL
This is a deep dental cleaning below the gum line where toothbrushes and floss can’t reach. We will gently remove tartar and bacteria buildup along the roots of the teeth to allow for healthy reattachment of the gums.

Tooth extractions

Tooth Extractions Miami Beach FL
While Dr. Abrahams will always try to save your teeth, there are some cases where extraction is necessary. We can carefully remove your teeth and prepare your jaw for dental implants.

Occlusal adjustments

Occlusal Adjustments Miami Beach FL
If your bite is misaligned many problems can develop, including the development of a TMJ disorder. We can help adjust your bite so it is properly aligned to improve your bite and jaw muscles.

Full mouth reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction Miami Beach FL
If you have complex issues with your teeth or bite, Dr. Abrahams may suggest a full mouth reconstruction. This is a comprehensive treatment plan that involves one or more services meant to restore your mouth to its healthy and functional capabilities.

Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings Miami Beach FL
Dental cleanings keep plaque and other harmful bacteria from hurting your smile. Regular visits with Dr. Abrahams prevent buildup and maintain your oral health. If you’re interested in a dental cleaning in Miami Beach, FL, call today to schedule an appointment!

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance Miami Beach FL
For those with periodontal disease, regular care is needed to ensure the infection does not return. We can schedule a routine cleaning of your teeth and gums to protect you from the harmful effects of periodontal disease.

You Deserve State-of-the-Art, Experienced Dental Care

Additional Services Miami Beach, FL

Our office is fully equipped with some of the latest technology in the dental field to date. We have an in-house lab to provide you with custom restorations the same day as your appointment. Dr. Abrahams also provides non-invasive oral cancer screenings with an intraoral camera, so you can see what we see. In addition to providing life-changing dental implants, we have a cone beam CT scanner to give us a detailed look at your jaw and bone structure. This ensure you get the most accurate placement for your implants. With this technology, you can be sure to get the dental care and dental cleanings you deserve.

The Proof Is In Our Patients

Additional Services Miami Beach, FL

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If you are seeking a new dental home that offers comprehensive care and advanced technology, schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Abrahams today!

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