Cosmetic Dentistry: What Does It Entail?

The world of dentistry has many sub topics that fall under it, but one of the main branches many people look for is cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are looking to correct an uneven bite or are looking to design your perfect smile, cosmetic dentistry has many procedures that can help you achieve your smile goal. Like any dental procedure, cosmetic treatments come with a varying price, recovery time, and outcome. Read more for a rundown of different cosmetic procedures available and what they are typically used for. One treatment that is majorly sought out is teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is an option many people turn to, that restores teeth to an even color after staining, brightens dull teeth, makes a smile look completely restored. Dr. Abrahams turns to Zoom!® which is a professional teeth whitening procedure that will allow you to regain your confidence. There are over the counter teeth whitening options, but professional whitening will allow you to brighten your teeth more efficiently and in less time.

Another typical option chosen in the cosmetic dental realm is orthodontics. Dental Implants Miami Beach offers Invisalign® and FastBraces® for their patients. Both of these options allow you to achieve aligned teeth in minimal time. Invisalign® is a popular option because it allows for a discreet orthodontic treatment, usually chosen by adults. FastBraces® is as it sounds. This is a braces solution that straightens crooked teeth in a short period of time, for minor adjustments. Both of these orthodontic solutions are great for patients who are ready for that picture perfect smile.

And finally, another widely chosen cosmetic treatment: veneers. Veneers were popularized by celebrities that wanted their teeth the same size, shape, and color, without going through orthodontics or just teeth whitening. Veneers for a lot of patients are a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario, because you can customize the way you would like your teeth to look, more than any other solution. Veneers are made of porcelain, and cover the natural tooth for a flawless look.

If you’re ready for your cosmetic dental treatment, contact Dental Implants Miami Beach for your appointment. Dr. Abrahams and his team will guide you through the different processes and procedures, and help you choose your perfect smile. 

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