Can Gum Disease Cause You To Have Bad Breath?

If you are suffering from halitosis also known as chronic bad breath it may be possible that you are suffering from gum disease. This is because the bad bacteria that develops and spreads within your mouth when you are suffering from gum disease causes you to have bad breath. However, thanks to advancements in laser dentistry options like laser gum surgery make it possible to treat gum disease and cure you of your bad breath. This minimally invasive procedure uses the precision of dental lasers to remove unhealthy gum tissue. Also, because the dental lasers are precise, they don’t cause you to have any major pain.

What Steps Are Included In The Laser Gum Surgery Process?

Here are the steps of the procedure:

  • You are given a local anesthetic then the depth of the periodontal pockets is measured.
  • The laser is then passed over your teeth. It targets the infected tissue and bad bacteria.
  • Also, the laser makes it easier for the ultrasonic scaler to remove calculus from the teeth.
  • Then the laser is passed over the teeth and gums again to stimulate bone and tissue growth.
  • The gum tissue is compressed against the tooth in order to close the periodontal pockets.
  • Your bite will then be checked in order to see if any more adjustments need to be made.

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Many patients don’t require any kind of pain medication because the laser gum surgery is minimally invasive, Also, the surgery doesn’t harm the healthy tissue or the bone which means the patient will experience less pain during and after their surgery. If you are suffering from gum disease and you are in need of laser gum surgery, please contact our office. This will allow our doctor to perform a thorough examination in order to determine if you have gum disease and if so to provide you with gum disease treatment. This treatment will remove the bad bacteria and rid you of your bad breath.

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