4 Reasons To Choose Invisalign Over Regular Braces

When it comes to straightening your smile, any method that is proven to provide results is worth looking into; however, there are some teeth straightening methods that work more quickly and effectively than others. And for many people, maintaining a discreet, low-profile appearance during treatment is just as important as the end results. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to regular braces, here are four reasons to choose Invisalign treatments from Dr. Howard Abrahams.


Invisible aligners are made from plastic and are molded to be completely smooth on the surface. They snap snuggly over your teeth instead of being attached to the front of your teeth with special dental paste or cement. New trays are made approximately every two weeks. Each succession of trays is made with minor adjustments that continue to prod the teeth into the right direction.


Once you get used to wearing your clear aligners (which typically only takes a few days), no one else will be able to tell you have them on. Since the aligners are clear, your natural teeth show through them. You can remove your aligners whenever you floss, brush or eat. Just remember that you should take your aligners out rarely and wear them as your prosthodontist instructs for best results.

Treatment Duration

Invisalign treatment usually doesn’t take as long as treatment with traditional braces. While traditional braces could be on your teeth for up to two years or longer, Invisalign treatments can take as little as nine months.

Reliable Results

One of the biggest advantages of invisible aligners is that they deliver consistent results. The treatment planning process is assisted with advanced computerized technology to determine approximately how long treatment will take.

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