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Excellent customer service is our top priority, which means that we are always ready to provide a detailed consultation on any of our services. We will also be happy to discuss your dental health and help determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs, as your happiness and well-being are of the utmost importance to your team of Miami Beach dentists.

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Dental Implants Miami Beach
  • Howard Abrahams

960 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 400
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Phone : (305) 537-7155

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— Kris Testimonial
— Grateful patient

"I have the most amazing smile today because of Dr. Abrahams & staff. They made me feel comfortable & welcome. "

— Patient Testimonial

"I was really concerned about the state of my mouth, thanks to the staff, & Dr. Abrahams I really have great teeth"

— Patient Testimonial

"Dr. Abrahams & his staff are phenomenal. Took me from feeling insecure to feeling confident! If you have any dental issues come see Dr. Abrahams."

— Patient Testimonial

"Here I am the final day.. Everything seems to be working out fine.."

— Patient Testimonial

"Dr. Abrahams office has been wonderful, can’t say enough how amazing he has been in getting me new teeth."

— Andy Linn

"It’s the day I got to the end of my implant procedure. When I smile now I feel confident & pretty."

— Patient Testimonial

"My teeth are now beautiful, they were in really bad shape & now they are really nice. "

— Patient Testimonial

"I couldn’t smile ever in my life, now I can open my mouth & I smile! I love it!"

— Patient Testimonial

"It's great and feels amazing. I want to thank the entire staff to Dr. Abrahams, it was incredible. Excellent."

— Patient Testimonial
I absolutely love the results, and much more importantly, so does my wife! It feels so good to be able to smile again! I'm still amazed by the speed and skill of you and your staff -- simply outstanding! I'll spread the word in The Bahamas.
— A.L.
I was nervous to have my teeth taken out even though they were in bad shape. I have to say that Dr. Abrahams was extremely gentle, and the teeth…I never looked so good.
— D.G.
I was embarrassed of how my teeth looked. I couldn’t believe I had let them get to such a bad state. Thank you for restoring my confidence
— M.P.
It was amazing how I walked into the office with broken-down teeth but left with nicer teeth than I ever had in my life. Thank you Dr. Abrahams.
— L.L.
I was able to choose the teeth I wanted. Dr. Abrahams spent the time with me to discuss which teeth were right for my face.
— J.T.B.
You forget how you got along all those years with missing teeth. Implants have helped me in many ways and Dr. Abrahams is a true professional.
— K.R.

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